Time flies…

… It is not necessarily all fun… but nevertheless it flies!!!

We’ve been keeping busy for the last couple of weeks – I think it has been good for us… Especially since our homesickness has hit an ALL-TIME high… Here’s a few updates:

The company Stef works for rented a car for us for the first two months in Canada… That two months ended end of February, which means that we have been car-hunting like crazy!! We’ve found one –

A brand new Jeep Wrangler!!!
A brand new Jeep Wrangler!!!

I have also started at my new job at J&B Engineering!!! First week done & dusted… I am going to have to go on a few courses, but I am sure that I’ll be settling in quite well over the next couple of months!!!

#firstday at new #job … #nervous #excited #herestonewbeginnings

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We still haven’t got all the necessary furniture, so today we decided to fill our dining room with a table (bar height)… We made it ourselves – pretty impressed with our efforts!! It still needs paint, varnish and chairs, but we are one step closer to using the dining room… Finally!!!








I am extremely excited to announce that our dog-sters will be arriving on Friday!!! We have to get them beds, bowls, leashes, and all that fun stuff….. but YaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAYYYY!!!! They are almost here!!!! Can’t wait to have them back in the home… I’m sure our spirits will be lifted somewhat!!!

Also lifting our spirits at the moment is the fact that it seems to be slowly (but surely) heating up here… The snow is melting (slowly) and turning to freaken slippery ice… but it IS melting!! Yay!!! The days are also noticeably longer… Currently we are 9 hours behind South Africa!!! From Monday, we’ll be 8 hours behind… (Freaken stupid daylight savings time!!!) 🙂 **

Here is a photo of the snow on the road melting…


And some ‘comic relief’… 🙂 **


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  1. mamacormier says:

    You’ll appreciate that day light savings time when you get that extra hour of daylight in the evening. Nice table by the way.


    1. Hahaha – I’ll take it from someone who knows!!! 🙂 **


  2. Wow, your hubby is not only handy building you that table, but he has a cute butt too LOL!! Sorry, but I couldn’t resist :). Wow, you have had a lot of changes and excitement in your lives lately, but I think you guys are doing great! Congrats on your new job – I know you will be great – and I’m so happy that your babies will be arriving soon :).


    1. Bwahahahaha!!!! I know right – how lucky am I … handy & hot!!! ;D **


  3. drawandshoot says:

    Winters are tough in some parts of Canada!
    You will enjoy the spring and summer landscape. Congrats on your new job!


    1. I really am soooooo excited for summer to come!!! This winter is dragging…. I am so over the cold and boots and jackets and snow!!!!


  4. John Milton says:

    Its great to see that everything is working out well for you. I love reading about the adventures & achievements. If thats the new jeep, I’m really jealous. Very nice indeed.
    Good luck in the new job as well. 🙂


    1. Thanks John!!! We are very blessed with how our path is laid out in front of us – we realize it could have been MUCH different!!!


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