Missing the dogs…

Yes yes yes… We’ve only been away for a while, but before Canada there was Europe – which means that effectively I have not seen our dogs in almost 2 months!!! … a V-E-R-Y long time!!! 😦

But… (yes, there’s a but 😉 ) – we have finally found a place to rent from 1st of February which allows pets!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay – we can finally start organising their trip to join us here in cold Canada!!! Looking forward to it, missing them terribly!!!

Wagter © Xandré Verkes
© Xandré Verkes
Duke© Xandré Verkes
© Xandré Verkes

Hoping/Believing/Anticipating that they will LOVE playing in the snow!!! 🙂 **

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Absolutely fantastic action shots!! I hope you are reunited soon :).


  2. Raud says:

    Great photos.


  3. drawandshoot says:

    Love these photographs. Canine enthusiasm!


    1. drawandshoot says:

      How cold is Edmonton today? It’s very cold here…


  4. Hey Xandre! Great looking dogs and I have never come across any dog in my life that didn’t go scatty and love the snow! Hope you don’t have to wait too long!




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