The View from #2205

Stef’s work organised an apartment for us for our first 2 months in Canada!! We thus get the chance to settle in without the hassles of finding a place to stay in between all that needs to be done!! (we are searching for a place to settle into that we can also start to call home!!)… 🙂

But in the meantime I thought I would show you our view from our apartment!! We are on the top floor!! Level 22… (&no, I haven’t been able to take the stairs all the way up!!! – how bad am I !!! 😉 )…

Panorama view from our apartment...
Panorama view from our apartment…
Yes, that is a HUGE river - Yes, it IS frozen - Yes, that boat IS stuck!!! :D
Yes, that is a HUGE river – Yes, it IS frozen – Yes, that boat IS stuck!!! 😀

We’ve been very lucky with the weather – since we’ve arrived it has only snowed once (for a very short while!!!). For all the other days we’ve been blinded by the sun reflecting off of all this white snow… I’m seriously considering getting botox!!! 😉 These frowns (caused by glaring sunshine) are just not working for me!! 🙂

We have also not yet had those extreme cold temperatures that Edmonton is so known for!!! Coldest so far has been around -4° Celsius!!! – I’ve got a feeling that we need to brace ourselves for some serious cold to come soon!!! 😀

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  1. zelmare says:

    Wow!! Hoe bly mens ooit weer plat op die grond? 😉 Lucky people… 🙂 xxx


    1. Janee kyk, ons is nogals lucky met die uitsig!!! 😀 **


  2. You are getting off easy so far :). It is colder than that here. Isn’t it nice of our lovely country to ease you into it slowly?? 🙂


    1. It seems our luck has run out now… 😦 it is beyond cold!!! Oh well – it is supposed to last a week… might as well get used to it right?? 😉 **


      1. Yup, it’s part of being a Canadian LOL. Just dream about summer like i do!! 🙂


  3. miltonjohns says:

    It looks fantastic. At least if the colder weather sets in you can run up ALL of the stairs to keep warm. 🙂 #waystogetwarm


    1. Hahaha…. I should remember that!!! 😀 **


  4. You lucky things! A place with a view and what a view! Stunning and with snow! It is actually colder here than it is there today, with frost but no snow yet this year! Love the boat frozen in the river!




    1. We are extremely fortunate!!! But the cold has caught up with us… -20°C!!! Bbbbrrrrr…. 😉 **


  5. katievikken says:

    This might be a little late but “Welcome to Canada/Edmonton!”. There seems to be a booming South African community in Alberta. I’m in Edmonton myself. Are you part of the couchsurfing community?


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