Last couple of weeks in RSA…

Wow, but time has been flying the last couple of months… We are gearing up to some exciting times… This weekend we have some serious ‘packing-up-our-entire-home’ things to do!!! We also need to sort out the last couple of admin things for our wedding (which is in two weeks time – where has the time gone?) 😀

Some of the things we have been keeping busy with:

1. Getting together all our documents needed for applying for a schengen visa for our Euro trip coming in December (ssssssssuperly excited about this!!!)

2. Applying for our visas (&successfully getting them!) 😀

3. Making appointments at our banks to sort out the logistics of our move to Canada

4. Applying & receiving our Credit Reports

5. Applying for our Tax Certificates (which we have not received yet!)

6. Getting quotes for transporting our doggies (freaken expensive btw!)

7. Getting them vet ready for the trip – rabies injection, micro chipped, 5in1 vaccination, neutered/spayed (freaken expensive once again!)

8. Starting to pack our possessions (still a long way to go this weekend…)

9. Organising our wedding details… Still a few more to do – hopefully finalising this weekend!

10. Meeting with our pastor on regular occasions!

11. Setting up our pre-nup (still to be finalised)!

12. Cancelling phone contracts (still to cancel internet contracts!)

13. Getting very sentimental & sad every time we realise how fast time is flying by…

…And sooooooo many more things that I can’t think of immediately… 🙂

We are bummed that this was our last season of seeing these beautiful jacarandas blooming (at least for a while…)! So I’m just sharing two photos of this special time (both HDR)…

Trying to fit as much time in with loved ones as possible, but it seems that time is going to win this battle once again… 😉 Until next time… 🙂 **

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  1. zelmare says:

    Oi… Yip, time has been flying… 😦 So much to do, so little time! Good luck for the packing. Xxx


  2. drawandshoot says:

    A whirlwind! Best wishes with all that!


  3. mamacormier says:

    Those trees are amazing. I’m afraid you won’t see anything like that in Edmonton but drive about 1 hour west of Edmonton and you’ll see some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Best of luck in the next few weeks.


  4. Hi Xandre – My goodness, how things change when you have to be away for a bit! Can’t believe that in 9 months you have got married!!! Belated Congratulations by the way! I hope you and ‘he who must … are very happy and have a long, beautiful and successful life together!!! Regretfully, I have missed all of your posts on the build up to emigrating to Canada – and how I got to this page I don’t quite know? I have really missed chatting to everyone and the banter while I have been away but it couldn’t be helped!

    But back now – so will look out for posts from Canada and hopefully some shots of really high mountains!!! Are you keeping both blogs up, Xandre?




    1. Hi John!!! Wow, I’ve missed your posts!!! Good to have you back – although I haven’t been commenting I have tried to keep as up to date as possible!! Some great times ahead for you as well!!! Good luck with all the planning & preparations!!!

      Yes, keeping up both blogs (although I can’t say as much for the last couple of months!!… 😉 )!!! It’ll be a while before I’ll be caught up!!!

      Keep well John – Good to see you back in action!!! 🙂 **


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